Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday, December 15: OK City

I forgot to bring in my journal from the car, so this entry is all from my memory - this is not a good thing normally.
We got started this morning, ate a quick bite at the hotel (they had my favorite oatmeal!), and rushed to the car because it was a frigid 23 degrees in Amarillo. The wind was blowing like crazy and I was reminded of the Flatlanders song - "The Wind's Gonna Blow You Away." I now understand what they were talking about.
After much cajoling from me, we set out for Palo Duro Canyon State park. Drew was not so excited, but I had heard good things and was somewhat adamant that we visit. We were driving along and looking at the flat land on the horizon and wondering where and when we were going to start seeing something interesting. What unfolded before us as we approached the front gate of the park and started down the drive is something words cannot express. Thus, I have pictures (which, I am sure, do not do the beauty of this place justice): the pictures are attached to another post.  Needless to say, Drew was happy we made the trip.  We are even thinking about renting a cabin in the canyon park sometime in the future.
Post nature experience, we headed back into Amarillo and had Rudy's BBQ for lunch.  This is not to be missed along the way.  It is a chain restaurant, but each place we have visited, the food is exceptional.  We especially love thier beef brisket.  There was something new on the menu and so I asked about it.  It was Green Chili Stew.  The girl behind the counter said, "Oh, it is just the normal stew.  It has brisket in it, but it also has green chilis."  I know she must think brisket is a normal ingredient in stew, but it is certainly not in Southern California.  Then she uttered the words I long to hear, "You can try some if you would like."  OH, yes, I am not one to turn down a sample.  I was not disappointed.  Also new to the taste buds this time were the turkey and pork loin.  We ate WAY too much food, here are the pics:

We got on the road and made only one stop along the way: Braums: Peppermint and Cookies and Cream Ice Cream - the thing I crave in California.  I suggested a "freeze out" but Drew was not game.  I know I will convince him someday.
We made it to Oklahoma City and checked into the hotel around 6 PM and we made plans to meet Drew's cousin Dustin.  He picked us up around 6:30 and he was a wonderful host.  I could not believe Drew agreed to go to a sushi restaurant!  I know!  The sushi was out of this world good!  We ordered way too much again, but got to try lots of great new flavors!  We then drove around OK City a little bit and then stopped by a Tequilla bar so Drew could try some new tequillas.  I know nothing about this, but he is happy we stopped by.

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