Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grocery Challenge

Although I do not want this blog to turn into a deals-finding blog, I am, by nature, very frugal.  I enjoy getting a great deal on the things I would buy anyway.  So, when I found the All You Grocery Challenge was running this summer, I was so excited.  "What is this strange idea?" you ask.  Well, here are the details:
  1. The challenge starts June 20th and runs for 4 weeks.
  2. The purpose of the challenge is to help you stay on top of your grocery spending by allotting $25.00 per person in your household per week for food expenses. 
That's about it.  At the end of it, there may be a prize in it (I hope it's me, but I am not holding my breath!): a $1,000 gift card for groceries!  That would cover a lot of food! 

So, I will be participating and keeping updates right here on this little blog.  This will include any really great tips on savings I get (including local store deals).  Anybody up for doing the challenge with me?  Check it out here, sign up and leave me a comment saying you are in!