Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mmm...Cozy Soup

It happened last night.  I made dinner!  Not just slapping something together like I have been doing for the past three weeks or taking the easy way out and buying dinner out.  No, this was actual dinner and it was good.  It was good to get the cooking juices flowing again...maybe I will keep this thing up!

Dinner for last night.  Lentil with Spicy Italian Sausage (recipe from Bon Apetit January 2010) with French Bread.  The flavors on this one were fabulous and it smelled great while it was getting going.  I left out the parsnips, because what have parsnips ever done for anything?  Drew had gone and picked up some fully cooked spicy hot links from Target (their Archer Farms brand) and they were perfectly flavored, lots of jalapeno bits in there!  The best part, Drew didn't have to spice the soup at all!

On a sad note, I have figured out that my breadmaker is only half useful.  I think there is something wrong with the heating element because it does not bake bread.  It makes a lovely dough, but it is too high-minded to deign to do something like make bread (oh, the foolish pride of machines!).  I have been putting it to good use lately in the dough department and finishing the breads in the oven; but I tried to make a loaf, start to finish in the maker yesterday and it started mocking me just after the dough was prepped (this involes an annoying beeping sound worse than an alarm that must be electronic speak for, "Think again").  Drew agrees with me that this is sad because the house still smells like bread, but there is no bread to be had.  Not to be deterred, I simply had to have bread yesterday; so I ran out to Fresh and Easy and got a loaf of french bread.  I was sad because I could have made my own, but I used the last of my yeast on the doomed loaf.

Anyway, that was a good news, bad news sort of post, but mostly good news because dinner was great!