Sunday, January 3, 2010

Most of the Rest of the Trip

Well, the destruction of the Mavericks by the Lakers tonight presents the opportunity to catch up on my neglected blog.  Sad...sad.  Let's think of the things over the last week or so that have made life not sad at all.  We were in Texas for the rest of the year and made it back to Cali just in time to celebrate New Year's with my parents (a tradition we all enjoy).
To sum up most of the rest of the trip:
Our first weekend in Texas was filled largely with sports and eating.  I think these two things would take up most of our time if we were to move there.  Highlights for the weekend: I Frateli pizza - a knockoff of a much more famous eatery in Dallas (Campisi's) which has a great oval thin crust pizza.  The best part: when I called to place the order, not only was delivery FREE, but they give a discount in the amount of the points scored by the Dallas Cowboys on the day of (or after) the game - 22% discount - if you know the amount of points scored.  Pretty cool!
On Monday before Christmas Mom and I set out to pick up my older two nephews.  We had all plans and intentions of going to an Ice Spectacular at the Gaylord in Grapevine.  We got all the way to the front of the line to find out they were sold out until much later in the day.  All was not lost, however, because I got to have a wonderful conversation with Aidan about the finer points of theology.  Among the questions answered on the way to the Gaylord: "Could Samson catch the fish that ate Jonah?"
Tuesday brought much stress for me as I attempted to drive back to my brother's house (a place I have been to quite a few times and which has not moved).  We got lost and stuck in traffic, arriving there over an hour late and thus decided to go out to eat!  Good dinner at Cotton Patch Cafe - thanks Jordan and Sarah!
Wednesday evening saw the arrival of more relatives (my aunt, uncle, cousins, and my little 2nd cousin)!  We made an easy go of it for the evening - lasagna, salad, garlic bread - and had easy conversation.  I love spending time with family!

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