Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dinner with an 8 Ball

Drew's status update on Facebook said something along these lines.

You know how sometimes parents get their kids to eat new foods by telling them they are some gross thing like brains or eyeballs?  Or they tell them a particularly named food item is actually called something else, like "Princess slippers"?  Note: I made that last one up (oh, parenting is going to be fun!).  Well, I have discovered the grown up version of this game.  Call all somewhat questionable foods by drug names.

I was at a party last night (pot-luck), and someone came up to me and told me to try something.  I asked, "What is it?" and the reply: "Crack."

My response: I took a bite.

Example 2:  This week's CSA box included some squash type thing.  Upon futher research online (don't you think it would be helpful if they put a list in the box?), we found out this particular variety of squash is called 8 Ball Squash.  The response:  Oh, we need us some of that!

The first "hit" (ha) of our 8 ball was a success.  I decided to wade in slowly and go with a tried and true method (roasting with olive oil and a little salt and pepper - can't go wrong with that).  But as I was preparing the squash, I started to get all sorts of ideas for it: vegetarian lasagna, 8 Ball parmesan, etc. could even scoop out the insides and create little bowls for a soup!  Because of the texture of the squash, I would think this is a vegetarian's favorite.  I hope we get some more in our box next week!

Note: I paired the squash with pork chops (smoky - cumin, paprika, spicy montreal steak seasoning) and some Au Grain potatoes. 

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MISSY said...

this photo looks like eggplant.....