Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Restaurant Week: Bourbon Steak

Next on the list of the taste tour that is Phoenix is Bourbon Steak.  The Michael Mina steakhouse is located on the property of the Fairmont Scottsdale.  We have seen other Mina restaurants while travelling, but we could not pass up the bar menu burgers and duck fat fries (voted best in the valley). 

We are early diners (made painfully obvious by the fact that we arrived at the restaurant before the kitchen was open), so we pretty much had the place to ourselves for most of our visit.  We were in good company though with the bar staff of Kyle and Mike.  All of the bar menu drinks are made with fresh squeezed juices and are expertly made with care by the friendly bartenders.  I ordered a Lemon Drop that tasted like a glass of ice cold lemonade and Drew had a Dark and Stormy upon Kyle's recommendation.  The rum drink is popular at the bar (and must be made with exceptional ingredients because Drew's attempt to recreate it at home this evening was less than successful).

We chatted with Kyle and Mike while waiting for the food to arrive and were rewarded for our wait with the most exceptional appetizers EVER!  I have heard about duck fat fries for a while and I was ready to experience them first hand.  These were amazingly crispy and flavorful.  Each order of fries comes in three different flavors with three dipping sauces.  The first is flavored with paprika, the second truffle oil (the ladies love truffles), and the third rosemary and other herbs.  I can't remember the dipping sauce combinations because, honestly, the fries don't need them - they speak for themselves just fine.  We also ordered red onion rings that were perfectly prepared and elegantly presented. 

Then the burgers.  I ordered the Salmon burger done banh mi style (carrots, cilantro, jalapenos, lettuce) - oh so good!  Drew had a make your own creation beef burger with jalapenos, mustard, and grilled onions.  We didn't really discuss the food much because we were too busy eating!  Other options on the bar menu look great too!  Next time I might jump out there and try Mina's lamb burger. 

If you are still planning on booking a flight to Phoenix, definitely stop in to Bourbon Steak during restaurant week because they are featuring a $39.00 prix fixe menu that looks fabulous.  Wish we could head back to Phoenix just to try it!  I hear that while you are waiting for your food they give the duck fat fries out for free!

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