Saturday, November 26, 2011


So, it is the weekend after our first Thanksgiving with our precious little girl (now a sitter, I might add) and she sat in a high chair for the first time on Turkey day.  It gets me thinking that I cannot wait to feed her real food.  As much as I have loved nursing, I am so looking forward to each new taste and texture sensation that she will experience over the next year!  Also, I think the whole "food is love" mantra in my head keeps telling me that I need to make things for my baby in order for her to know just how much I love her (never mind the whole "my body is literally making food for you (without effort)" thing).  Someday I hope she too will cherish the times that I spoiled her rotten by making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for her daily. 

Which gets me thinking (in light of this Thanksgiving season): do I cherish my Father who has spoiled me rotten by providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily?  Having not broken it down into those bite-size pieces lately - I have to say, "no."  But I would like to resolve to do relish in the fact that I have a Father who lavishes blessings on me daily.

Today we, our cute little family, went to lunch at Rubio's and then to our favorite yogurt place (Yogurt Island) and I had the rare opportunity of praying for us before the meal (Drew usually does this for us) and as I was praying I was just struck by how GOOD our God is in providing for us.  He has spoiled us rotten to the point that we often times forget that He does it at all.  Maybe I should remind myself that I am just like Grace - fully dependent on the goodness of my Father and from that should flow a heart of praise! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you! 

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