Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday was a lazy day for the record books.  As such, I was sort of proud of myself for dragging myself from the self-imposed title of "keeper of the couch" to make dinner.  My ambition knew many bounds, however, and so you are not reading about last night's dinner until this morning. 
I do have much to say about last night's meal from PC Season's Best (past season): Sun-Dried Tomato and Suasage Risotto.  First, this is officially the first time I have either eaten or prepared risotto (so I have nothing to base my review upon).  Second, this being the inaugural risotto, I would have liked for the instructions to have been more clear.  I know what you are thinking.  "Risotto takes lots of time over the stove and is delicate in nature" (at least, so I have heard).  Well, food snobs of the world, this one was done in the covered baker in the microwave (and goodbye all foodie readers, forever).  The problem was that the instructions did not say to cover the baker.  I know this sounds like a no brainer, given the name of the baker, but it, I assure you, is not (there are some recipes that do not require the use of the cover).   Thus, the cooking time was extended by quite a lot of minutes until I took matters into my own hands and covered the baker.  Very quickly after that I had risotto of the consistency you see on tv and was pleased to finish the dish and serve it to my husband. 
The result: very good, surprisingly so.  I was kind of expecting Drew not to like it, but he did.  He was not a fan of the tomatoes, but he did say that if it had stewed tomatoes, it might be better (love the feedback from him!).  It was truly a comfort food dish and a great one for early fall.  I think I would try some modifications in the future, but I might be spoiled on making risotto in the microwave and likely will not do it the "proper way" for some time.  Thanks PC for a great dish, a little more clear on the instructions next time, ok? 
Remember how I said my ambition knew many bounds.  Another of those was picture taking.  Sorry, readers, you will just have to imagine what it looked like.  After all, I had a couch to hold down.

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