Friday, January 15, 2010

Ode to Ohh La La

There is a burger joint out here in the desert serving what might possibly be the best burger I have ever had.  Tonight when I started thinking about dinner and the burgers we were going to have, I decided I was going to do my "version" of them in hopes that it would fight the craving for a little while until we go there again.  I will spoil the ending and say it didn't.

The Ohh la la burger is an all beef burger with bacon, boursin, and wine infused sauteed onions with a chipotle mayo.  It is perfection!  I love it but the man who takes my order hates me because I change their burger every time.  If you read the above list of ingredients you would think that would be enough, but all their burgers include pickles, lettuce, mustard, and tomato.   Why, I ask, would you ruin the first list of ingredients with the second list?  One of life's mysteries. 

So tonight...Drew got a burger seasoning kit from Target that he really wanted to try (he is all about seasonings) and so he made the patties for the burgers.  I fried some bacon and put the burgers on the George Foreman.  I did not do a chipotle mayo because honestly, I would not use it in any other circumstances and struggle with the amount of condiments already in my refrigerator.  I also did not do the onions (which I did not remember until after we started eating).  The burgers looked excited to get my mouth around one. 

They were not that great...bummer.  Drew did not like the seasoning blend and only ate half of his burger.  I did not really enjoy it either and only ate about half of my burger.  I guess that's what amounts to a diet in this house. 

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Conni said...

I hate it when that happens!!!! I'm cooking through The Pioneer Woman right now and so far, so good. Tonight I departed into a different book to find a recipe for salmon patties which turned out to be a big hit! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!