Sunday, January 10, 2010


New Years always brings the resolutions on so I started thinking of mine for this year rather early.  Drew and I decided at least a couple months ago that we were going to try to read a book a week for the new year.  This resolution has resulted in the creation of a new blog by the both of us.  Check it out.

Other New Year's resolutions for me this year are food related - what a surprise!

1. Learn how to make bread
2. Learn how to can/preserve.

I do feel somewhat home on the range with these two resolutions.  I did not grow up in a household where either of these two things took place.  Thus, they are quite foreign to me.  I sat down this past Monday and started to read on how to make bread - this made me a little more fearsome of my resolved choice, but by Wednesday, I was feeling better.  So, here goes the adventure.  I will try to include pictures of my successes and failures. 

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