Monday, August 8, 2011

Cheap Tricks

So, apparently along with our fresh start, we are now going to attempt for the next two weeks to eat only at home (minus our date night in San Diego - so excited for Indian food!).  It is part of our quest to be frugal for a while to get the show on the road with some of our goals for the household (new refrigerator, please?).  In light of that, I have been racking my brain to have some beans and rice type meals.  So far, here's what's on the line-up for this week:

Breakfasts: oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, fruit, banana bread from the freezer

Lunches: chicken salad sandwiches, quesadillas, Mexican tuna salad (a favorite around here), pimiento cheese sandwiches

Dinners:  Mexican Burrito Bake,  Macaroni and Cheese (adult style), BBQ Chicken in the slow cooker with rice and veggie, homemade pizza

Here's hoping...

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