Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Event: 24 days

When I was a kid, winter mornings meant waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking and coming to the table to find a fresh cup of hot cocoa with lots of melting marshmallows at my place.  My mom made her hot cocoa the old fashioned way: warming up milk on the stove and adding cocoa (not packet hot chocolate), then adding marshmallows just before pouring into a mug.  No wonder I love winter! 

So my foodie treat for the 24th day until Christmas is Cocoa:

The weather is getting cold here (for us...65 is the high today) and so I will be taking the time to sit down after putting the little one to bed to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa. 

Whether you prefer the old fashioned way or the packet stuff, the joy of a warm beverage with milk and chocolate is undeniable.  Here are a few ways to enjoy the day today:

Go all out with a party for hot cocoa enthusiasts:

From My.Creative.Flavors: Mexican Hot Chocolate from a Hot Chocolate Tasting party

Make it at home for you and your sweetie:

From Williams Sonoma, it froths you milk just like the coffee shops.

Or, get someone to make it for you:
Cocoa Trio from Seattle's Best.

Happy Cocoa!

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June Dees said...

love making hot choc.the old fashion way, it always taste better,plus you can put the special touch to it. (TLC) such a treat.