Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Event: 23 Days

Well with just 23 days left until Christmas, I don't know about you, but I am thinking about Christmas shopping.  We have lots to do before we go to Texas to visit the family for Christmas.  And since I only have a couple of presents picked out, shopping is on my mind almost constantly. 

This year I am so thankful for the internet because it makes it so much easier to window shop, purchase, and even ship gifts to loved ones.  I am also thankful for the new trend in deal-a-day websites (like Groupon, One Kings Lane, and Zulilly).  It seems there is a new one that pops up everyday, each with a little bit of a twist on the deal thing.  My new favorite is Open Sky.

Open Sky is like Twitter and Groupon got married and had a baby and named it Open Sky (sounds almost like a celebrity baby name, huh?).  It combines the deal-a-day format with the Twitter format by getting celebrities and style mavens (called curators) to pick out some of thier favorite products and getting the manufacturer to offer thier followers a deal on the products.   As an added bonus, they often send out coupon credits for anything you want to buy on the site - it is like a deal on top of a deal. There are four different categories of curators: Food, Design, Beauty, and Style.

The food curators are, of course, my favorites.  They include Chefs Bobby Flay, Tom Colicchio, and Rick Bayless; cookbook authors Lucinda Scala Quinn and Marcela Valladolid; and TV food personalities Martha Stewart, Ted Allen, and Padma Lakshmi.  Every few days they add a new product to their list of favorites, along with recipes and tips. 

So today's foodie treat for the advent calendar is a small sampling from the food section of Open Sky (all for under $100).
A Trio of Maple Syrups
An OCD cutting Board!

Cute Bird plate and noodle bowl
Comfort food bowls

If you like what you see, or are interested in finding some of your own favorites, think about signing up with Open Sky.  When you do, you will get to pick what you want to see and who you want to follow, as well as great discounts on the products they find.  You will also get $10 to spend on your first purchase.

Merry Shopping!

Disclaimer: If you click through the above links, I will recieve a reward for your membership in the program, but I will not be paid any money.

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