Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advent Event: 7 Days

Oh, how woesome to go out of town and forget your advent calendar.  Then it just sits there on the kitchen table and screams at you in your dreams, "You forgot me.  I cannot give you daily delight from afar!" 

I didn't forget my advent calendar, because it is not tangible.  But I did go out of town and did not realize that I would not have interweb access for days and days!!  Oh, no!

Mind you, I did think about the advent event item I would be posting each day; so I will be making up for it over the next couple of days.  Sorta like I would have done if my advent calendar was all the chocolates for one week in less than ten minutes!

So for 7 days to Christmas, I give you gingerbread house goodness.  I couldn't pick just one so here are a couple of the amazing houses I found online:

I love the rustic roof!!
Pretty amazing display!

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