Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review: PC 29 Minutes to Dinner 2

I figure it may be helpful for my readers to get a summary after I "finish" cooking through a cookbook.  You know the usual what was good, what was not, and my general thoughts on the cookbook.  So what do I mean by "finish?" Obviously, it does not mean I will never pull out this cookbook again, but it does mean I have pretty well cooked what sounded good to me at the time I was meal planning. What sounded good was likely based on just that, but also on creating variety in my dishes (e.g., no pasta more than once or twice a month).  Note: I am doing this review based on the fact that I am moving on to another "primary" cookbook.  I will be cooking something from this one next week when basketball season gets going!

So here goes for the Pampered Chef's 29 Minutes to Dinner 2 (by the numbers):
56 - number of recipes in the book
13 - number of recipes tried thus far (way below my regular average per cookbook)
15 - number of recipes that would never make it in our household (again not a normal number)
28 - number of recipes left to try (that is exactly half - I did well in math...once)

Favorite recipes: Corn & Poblano Chowder, Mexican Sausage Skillet, Moroccan-Spiced Apricot Chicken with Couscous
Not so Favorite: Seared Scallops with Creamy Parsley Pesto

One of the things I do like about this cookbook is the simplicity of the procedures. This is really a beginner to moderate cookbook. Recipes like these go to show you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen to get great tasting and often sophisticated results.
Although the numbers don't mete this out, I would recommend this cookbook based on the variety of dishes.  You could literally tour the globe without stepping out your front door by cooking through this cookbook.  In fact, that is a great idea for menu planning next time - a different country each night of the week.  What do you think?

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