Sunday, October 18, 2009

Slow Cooker Success!

It has finally happened!  My slow cooker has produced an edible and enjoyable meal!  I have been doing some soul searching in regards to the slow cooker and I came up with a solution to the problems I have been experiencing.  The solution: fill the slow cooker at least two thirds full and make sure there is plenty of liquid for the food.  Applying this newfound strategy to tonight's dinner produced a success!!! Yea!

The recipe from Fix it and Forget It Slow Cooker Magic: Cream of Broccoli soup.  I served this, as you can see, in a bread bowl for two.  We are large fans of the soup/bread bowl combo.  This soup was no exception.  I would say I followed this recipe as a guide rather than following it verbatim.  I changed almost every ingredient in the list.  The changes included using different soups (I mean they are really mostly the same), different cheese, and different milk (fat-free milk...are you kidding me?).  In the future, I would blend the final result so the broccoli is much smaller a la Panera Bread.  Overall, a pretty foolproof recipe.   As always, I was happy to cook while doing other things around the house.  Gotta love the slow cooker...when it is good, it is oh so good; when it is is bad...well, lets not revisit that.

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cookingwithBecky said...

OOOOO! I think I will have to borrow a copy of this recipe. Sounds delicious!