Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pasta Oh My

When Drew found out we were having a pasta dish for dinner tonight, I could tell he was not that enthused.  When we had taken this same meal to another family from church and stopped by the grocery store on our way home and he said, "I am psyching myself up for pasta tonight, " I was a little worried.  You see, we had this conversation a few days back about the proverbial tightening of the belt.  I told him I would like to cut our grocery budget as my part in saving money around the house and that may include having pasta more often.  He nodded some sort of agreement and I thought we were on the same page.  Then came the "psyching up" comment.  I was nervous.
Well, we have eaten dinner and cleaned the kitchen and I can report that Drew is doing just fine.  He made it through dinner mostly unscathed and said of our pasta dish, "I would not be upset if we had it again."  This, fair readers, is what we call success around here!  I even teased Drew that the leftovers were what he is having for lunch tomorrow. 
The menu for tonight was part of the fix-once, eat-a-bazillion-times make ahead meal plan I told you about a couple days ago.  This dish was Pasta Roll-Ups, which is like a lasagna in a lasagna noodle roll with sauce around and on top.  I was already eating dinner, when I realized I had not taken a picture, so your imagination will have to conjure what the results look like.  It was a fairly easy recipe to follow and I enjoyed the roll-up process.  I think the recipe could have called for a bit more of the filling, but that may just by my insatiable love of cheese talking.  The meat sauce I cooked up on Monday definitely lends itself better to this Italian application.  I would make this again and I do think it makes a great meal to take to another family, should you need to.  That brings the grand total of meals made from this recipe to three.  Not bad.

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