Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fix it and FORGET it

If you thought my Pampered Chef review from a week ago was scathing, wait until you read the comments on tonight's dinner.  Let me preface this discussion by saying we have an unspoken, spoken rule in this house.  When you make something new every time you cook, you are going to hit those recipes that are  After lots of practice, you can get a good sense, while cooking, which recipes are going to be questionable.  They could go either way and you are really hoping for GOOD (sometimes, even the best hopes fail).  On these nights are rule is: If this is horrible, we will go out and get something else that tastes good.  I know this is not the most frugal way to live, but it is better than eating the inedible.  Just so you know, this does not happen very often!
Well tonight I did a slow cooker menu Fix it and Forget it.  It was Simple Soup Supper including Fresh Tomato Soup and Broccoli Corn Bread.  As mentioned before, I love cooking while doing other things, so you can imagine my happiness when all day, whilst cleaning the house, the smell coming from the kitchen was heavenly.  I was so excited to try this soup that smelled like the best beef vegatable stew I have ever smelled.  It was the Broccoli Corn Bread that concerned me.  It too was a slow cooker thing and I was slightly disturbed by the fact that you could chose to cook it at differing cooking times depending on the texture you were looking for (obviously not disturbed enough not to try it).  Well, imagine my surprise when we sit down to dinner, with Morgan, and I try the broccoli corn bread first while Morgan and Drew take a spoonful apiece of their respective soups.  I look up from my broccoli corn bread and say, "this tastes good."  To which Morgan responds, "it tastes like blood, " referring to the soup.  Drew takes another bite and nods his agreement and then I taste half a bite of mine.  To my horror, it DOES!  Each of us moved our bowls toward the kitchen sink and moved our plates of broccoli corn bread toward ourselves.  We immediately began discussing where we would be getting food for dinner.  IT WAS FORGETABLE.  The sad thing in this house is that forgetable is actually memorable because it happens so infrequently.  Oh well, now Drew needs two hands to count the amount of dinners that were, in his word, FAIL. 
Thank God I get a break from cooking for the next couple of days as we go out of town to celebrate our anniversary.  Have a great weekend, back on Sunday night!

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