Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend

We are enjoying our extended weekend.  I had a hard time posting Saturday night's dinner because then you will know a dirty little secret in the Hudson household.  We sometimes don't eat that well.  I do my best to make sure the dinners I make are well rounded and include all the items on the food pyramid.  Other times, we have what amounts to junk food for dinner.  Sorry, it is just the facts.  We haven't even started basketball season yet and I am already craving some not-so-good-for-me stuff.  So for dinner Saturday night we had Steamed Wonton Purses (from Pampered Chef Seasons Best) and the leftover Asian Veggies from Friday night.  Yes, I snuck in LEFTOVERS to Drew and he ate them!!!  Here's the review for the Wonton Purses:

Recipe is actually fun to make because it is very steps-oriented.  I like the repetition and they look really good when you get done.  It calls for ground turkey, but if I were to make them again (which is a distinct possiblity come Mavs time), I would use ground pork.  We are used to the wontons at one of our favorite restaurants (P.F. Changs) and they have pork in them.  I just think the pork has a bolder flavor.  Drew and I were discussing the wontons and concluded that they could have been spiced up a bit more.  I think I would throw in a little thai red chili paste, to (as Emeril would say) kick it up.  The Sauce they have you make is WAY, WAY too vinegary.  I tried to calm it down with more soy sauce, but no amount would have brought it down.  I would recommend you start by adding equal parts soy and vinegar and then go from there to your taste. Overall, good recipe.  This would be a great thing to make with teenagers and let them do their own fillings.  Great for a crowd if doubled or tripled.

And for those of you now worried for our physical health, I brought some grapes upstairs for us to snack on while we played Guitar Hero.

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