Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baking with Morgan

Well, it is that time of week again and Morgan is over to spend the night.  I really enjoy having Morgan over, its like getting to adopt a cool teenager for the day.  I get to make dinner with her and bake a dessert of some sort, make her breakfast in the morning and then get her on her way  to school.  For the record, I do know having a child involves more than just food; but since most of my life revolves around food, would you expect this to be any different?
So what did we make?  Chocolate Carmel Oatmeal Chews.  This is a PC recipe from a set of recipe cards.  The verdict:  Good.  I think we may have eaten them a little early because the recipe says to cool completely.  I would definitely increase the cooking time to get them a little crisper (just my preference).  Morgan put all the ingredients together and did the steps of the recipe, while I read the recipe to her.  She needs to work out those stirring muscles, but we have lots of Thursdays to practice.  I would recommend this when you are short on time, but need to make something for a group.  It is mostly made with pantry items and makes a lot.  Morgan says, "they were delicious."

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