Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't Give Up

My dismay over the last kitchen outing is not what has kept me from recently updating the blog.  Instead, we went out of town for our 5th anniversary.  I always enjoy getting Drew to myself 24 hours at a time.  We had lots of fun and ate way too much.  What romantic place did we dine to celebrate our nuptuals, you ask?  Well, none other than On the Border.  Yeah, we are pretty simple people with pretty simple expectations and what could two people from Texas want more to eat on a special occasion than the best Tex-Mex in Cali.  Hard to say that, but it is true.  I know the Texans reading this are saddened by the plight of this young married couple, but we will live on. Saturday night we stepped it up and went to Red Lobster.  We have eaten at Red Lobster 3 times in our marriage and we really enjoy it.  I have seen a recipe that imitates their biscuits and will have to try it sometime because they are almost worth the price of admission. 
I still have not made it in to the kitchen because Drew had leftovers last night (he heated up himself!) and then tonight we were invited over to Mom and Dad's for enchiladas.  This is something I have never attempted in our 5 years.  Why make it when it can be made for you.  We always enjoy this family favorite - my Granny's recipe (modified over the years) and, of course, the company (its a shame Drew doesn't get along with my family - hah).  Of course, we had to go to Yogurt Island for dessert, but it was a sad trip (indeed) because they did not have our favorite flavor.  Drew abstained.  I tried something else, but it was not the same.  Yogurt Island, if you are listening: Never, Never, Never replace the Yogurt Island Sorbet! 
More adventures from the Hudson kitchen coming up tomorrow!

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