Thursday, September 17, 2009

And you will know her by the trail of pans...

The status of tonight's dinner is questionable because I have a number of factors at play.  It is Thursdays with Morgan, but I have to pick her up late from school.  I also have a party tonight for my first Southern Living at Home Consultant!!!  So, either Drew and Morgan are going to get dinner at SouPlantation, or I will get something at the grocery store so we can all eat together before I go, or I will make something.  I think the latter two options are less likely than the former.
That said, I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to post a picture to the top of my blog only to find out I cannot do this given the format of blog I chose.  So, I will post the picture here for your enjoyment:

Those items displayed (so lovely and new) on my kitchen countertop are my new Pampered Chef pans.  I got them because I hosted a party in August and it went well.  They had a special for hostesses to get the pans for 60% off and I was in need of new pans.  I went with a set of stainless and a set of nonstick and a stir-fry pan, because we love Asian food!  Although I have cooked in stainless before, I was a little nervous about creating an incredible, sticky mess.  Well, these pans clean up so nice and they cook pretty good too.  I have to keep reminding my self to preheat them properly because my previous pans were so thin they heated up quick.  Time is a small price to pay for even cooking and easy clean up.  I used the 10" skllet last night for the pork chops.  The nonstick set is very nice, as well.  I used the small stockpot for the soup a couple of nights ago and found it to be the perfect size for a couple servings of soup.  But I have to say my favorite thus far is the stir fry skillet - I love its size and shape.  The heating is truly even, which helps when (get this) stir-frying (it seems that chef knows what he is doing).  
Here I offer again my hearty recommendation of all things Pampered Chef, including the pans.  Becky does not pay me to mention her name, but if you need anything, check out her website:  
Maybe I will make this a semi-regular post to let you know my current favorite kitchen gadget. What do you think? Post a comment and let me know if this interests you and what your current favorite gadget is.

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