Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2nd Question...I feel importantish

I got my second reader question and it is a hard one.  I have conferred with Drew about this, so I think I am offering the most balanced answer for our household.  The question posed: "what are your favorite recipes to date and why?"  The answer can be summed up in the following list with quick reviews/reasons they make the cut.

1.  Beef and Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Cuisine at Home magazine (highly recommended publication, by the way).  Incredibly time consuming preparation, very fast actual cook time - rewarding results.  This recipe sticks out because Drew will not order lettuce wraps anywhere else because he enjoys these so much.  I have made it 4, maybe 5 times and the flavors (Chinese 5 spice for the beef and buffalo with honey for the chicken) are wonderful. FYI, the beef and chicken do not go together. Theoretically, you could make just the beef or just the chicken.  I enjoy having both to have different flavors to play with. 
2.  Granny's macaroni and cheese.  This is a favorite for me from my childhood.  It is not really a recipe so much as a method, but I enjoy it all the same.  It is with great difficulty that I eat any other mac and cheese (ban the box for sure).  Drew has almost become a complete convert.  He would be if I made this a little more often.  As it stands, I make it once or twice a year. 
3.  Buffalo wings done in the Pampered Chef covered baker.  Drew could literally eat Buffalo wings or buffalo flavored dinner every night.  He can't get enough of it!  The Pampered Chef recipe for these is a little different because it includes their BBQ rub, so they have a little smoky flavor with a kick.  I have been waiting to make these because my baker broke, but I just received a new baker a couple of days ago.  Now that Drew knows this, I must make these asap.  I think this weekend for dinner.  I have made these twice, but that is in the last 6 months.  See, I don't make my husband wait too long for the things he loves!
4.  Crown Roast of Pork  (recipe from the Food Network site - I think it is Bobby Flay) - we had this for our first Christmas and it...was...delightful!  We still talk about it.  We are talking about doing it again, but charging a cover charge at the door because it was also the most expensive meal we have ever had at home!
5.  Wingless Buffalo Chicken Rolls (this is a modified Rachael Ray meal, I have tried her other incarnations) this is from her 365: No Repeats cookbook.  This one was a surprise to me.  We had this a couple of years ago and Drew really liked it (but it does have buffalo, so that should not be a surprise to anyone). 

Well, that turned into a top 5 of sorts.  I am sure there are many more, but these stick out to the two of us.  Thanks for the question and the trip down memory lane.

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Jean said...

Thanks, Leah! I am sure you are already doing this but you should compile your own recipe book.