Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New week, new soup

OK.  So I am back with a vengeance (probably due to the fact that I am listening to Eminem as I write this blog post - don't judge me!).  Back in the kitchen, undaunted by the mistakes of last week.  How do you bounce back from what is arguably the worst meal made in the last year?  You get back in the Pampered Chef 29 Minutes to Dinner 2 Cookbook and make dinner in less than 20 minutes!!!  The recipe tonight was Asian Beef Noodle Soup.  It was wonderful.  Here's the review:
Great easy meal.  Wish we had chopsticks to enjoy this fabulous meal.  We saw these really neat bowls at Crate and Barrel last weekend, they would have been nice for serving this soup (the tall one).

While making this dish, the smell took me back to my dorm days when our group of 4 senior roommates would make Ramen noodles every night (each of us had a different method for making ramen - I am sure there are millions of methods).  The broth thankfully, did not taste like ramen noodles.  Last year sometime I decided to try to have ramen - my old favorite (Oriental flavor) - what was I thinking - that stuff is NASTY!  Thus, I was pleasantly rewarded by this brothy soup when it did not taste like ramen.  Loved the idea in the recipe for stir-ins.  This provided "wife-sanctioned" additions to our dinner tonight.  I say this because Drew has this endearing habit of "spicing" up almost everything I make.  I attempt each time he heads to the spice cabinet not to take it as an affront to my cooking - sometimes I succeed.  Well tonight, I got to throw in some jalapenos for my heat-obsessed (read: HOT) husband and I think he was pleased.  I thought the broth itself had just enough seasoning, just the right amount of heat.  I would definitely make this again, if I made things more than once. 
I am actually considering this as the first course (sans beef) for a dinner party I have dreamed about since Drew and I moved in to our new home.  We have a large coffee table situation (2 tables shoved together) that would enable us to have a dinner party with 8 people - I dream of having everyone sit on pillows and eat Asian food.  How does that sound do you?  Comment to this post in favor of said dinner party and you just might get an invite.


Curator D said...

The food was good! The Jalapeno's weren't incredibly hot, but that's alright by me. I think my favourite spice atm is the an oak barrel smoked sea salt. It's excellent for steaks!

Anyhow, good food... maybe see it again?

Joel Cummins said...

I don't know how do just ask a question so I am just going to post on this entry....what are your favorite recipes to date and why??? And there is nothing wrong with listening to Eminem....