Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grocery Challenge: Week 1

Last night, I went to Henry's Farmers Market to get most of the groceries required for this week.  I got lots of great produce and a couple indulgence items (we don't normally get these, but they were a great price).   I got Drew a couple of things for a treat - grapefruit juice and all-fruit Popsicles; and I got a some orange juice for me.  But the best deal of the night goes to eggs - organic, free range brown eggs, to be more exact.  They were marked down to 2 dozen for $4, I had a coupon, making them $1 a dozen.  When they rang up at the register, I found out the regular price is $4.99 a dozen - what a GREAT deal!  The grand total was $21.38!  Not bad for most of the week's grocery needs.

Tonight, we stopped by Walgreen's and CVS to get some great deals and ended up buying bread, jell-o, Chex mix, 4 packages of Life Saver Gummies, and a pack of Reese's Pieces.  The total for these items was $8.99. 

This brings me to TODAY'S TIP:  Think outside the grocery store for grocery items.  You can often find basic grocery needs at places like the drug store and the dollar store.  Often you can combine a manufacturer's coupon and a drugstore coupon to increase your savings.

UPDATE: On Sunday, we had to stop by Ralph's to get a couple items for Sunday night's dinner.  While we were there we got some items for Week 2.  I separated out the items and the total for items for Sunday's dinner was $9.90. 

Grand Total for the week's groceries: $40.27.  Not bad.

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