Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Week of June 7-13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday is here again and finds us with a busy week! We are going to Disneyland later today so I have it a little bit easier on the cooking front. 

Monday: Lunch: Hot Dogs and fruit
Dinner at z'Tejas (I got a coupon for my birthday - free meal for me!)

Tuesday: junk food at Disneyland (is there a better kind?)

Wednesday: Lunch: sandwiches
Dinner: Scallops with Garlicky Tomatillo Sauce

Thursday:  Breakfast with Mom for her birthday (it's a surprise).
Lunch: Frito Chili Pie
Dinner: Penne with Asparagus, Spinach, and Bacon

Friday:  Lunch: Kesir
Dinner: In'N'Out on the way to a concert!

Saturday: Dinner: Seafood Enchiladas, Sides; Dessert: Churros

Sunday: Dinner: Stir-Fried Szechuan Steak on Rice, Zen Temple Dumplings

Wow!  I am hungry just thinking about what we are going to eat this week!

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Olivia said...

Sounds like you have a really fun week planned!