Monday, June 11, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

This week's food preparation goals are somewhat daunting. We have a whole bunch of food on hand and I have to figure out a way to run it through the kitchen and either into our bodies or into our freezer before it goes bad. This is due in part to my husband's first foray into cooking in our "new to us" upright smoker. He is not exactly pleased with the results, but I told him he has years to perfect the recipes. The results are not bad, but I have over 3 pounds of pork shoulder and almost 10 lbs. (yes!) of brisket to work into the menu! We also have some leftover items from a party this weekend and I need to get those processed as well. Here's what's on my mind for this week:
Eggs w/cheese and sausage
Pork tacos with salsa
Muffeletta on a stick
Pimiento Cheese with Bacon Sandwiches
Chicken Pesto Wraps
Beef Empanadas with Zucchini
Shredded Beef and Chile Enchiladas with dressed up refried beans and corn on the cob
Mexican Cobb Salad
Indian Food Date Night
Jumbo Shrimp with Chive butter
Lake McQueenie's (a family recipe, so simple it is embarrassing!)

So, I would also like to make some pesto, blueberry muffins, dry out some tomatoes, and a batch of waffles. As always, here's hoping!

Note: this is linked to OrgJunkie's menu plan Monday meme.  Go check out other menu plans for more inspiration of what to cook this week.

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