Monday, September 21, 2009

Ham and Swiss Calzone

Tonight's dinner is from PC Season's Best and it is called Ham and Cheese Calzone.  Here's the review:

Simple ingredients, more healthy than it sounds.  Goes together pretty quickly and gives enough time to clean up the dishes while it is in the oven.  Makes more than enough for 2, but I am looking forward to leftovers in for the next couple of lunches.  Drew said, "It was good, it worked out well."  I guess that means he noticed how easy it was to put together.  I must say I really am starting to enjoy my PC Bar Pan.  For the uninitiated, it makes really great crisp crust for dishes like calzone and pizza.  Paired this with a simple salad and viola...dinner.

As a side note regarding future posts.  I am about to finish (for the time being) the Pampered Chef 29 Minutes to Dinner 2.  I will be posting a review post in a week or so with my overall thoughts on this cookbook.  Something to look forward to!

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