Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It all depends on the tools you use.

Anyone who gets in the kitchen on a regular basis knows (for the most part) success depends on the tools used in making or baking what you desire.  I have come to understand this in my 5 years of cooking and have subsequently thrown out some of the lesser tools of my trade in favor of tools of higher quality.  I think women should not register for the bulk of their wedding gifts until they have spent some time in the kitchen, figuring out their style and needs.  I know this is true in our own marriage.  We registered for and recieved an immense amount of stuff (all of which were good and perfect gifts)...then we got married and started using them.  Some of them have faired better over the years than others.
We have also thought long and hard about certain purchases and have had mixed results in that area.  If you ever are searching for THE perfect blender, look no further than a Breville.  On the other hand, be very careful and cautious about the purchase of a slow cooker.  We were given, very generously, our first slow cooker and I have always enjoyed it.  I messed all that up last year by deciding I needed a bigger one for other recipes.  I could not have been more wrong.  Each time I use our new one, I am left frustrated with the results and regretting its creation in some far-off factory.  Remember, when I said some of the tools have been thrown out?  Large slow cooker, you are on notice!!
All that to say tonight's dinner was a slow cooker recipe from Fix it and Forget It: Ham and Hash Browns. Maybe I am using said slow cooker in an improper manner, but I thought they had plug-and-play capabilities.  Well, this one heats up WAAAY too fast and ends up burning the entire "crust" of whatever I am cooking (Note: this was the same slow cooker that served up the worst tomato soup known to man!).  Thus, after cooking for less than half the cook time, the edges are brown working on black and the center is mushy/soupy.  I honestly don't think it is the recipe's fault.  This post just turned into a review for our slow cooker, instead of the recipe.  Another reason its the tools that matter in the kitchen. 
So here's the rundown on the actual recipe: The flavors were ok if a little bland and I would definitely try this in another slow cooker.  It would be good paired with some scrambled eggs for a quick meal.  I don't think Drew liked this. He mentioned, whilst eating this dinner, another similar slow cooker recipe which he did like (we had that over a year ago...I think I am turning him into an encyclopedia of successful meals).  You know you are eating something that is not that enjoyable when, in mid bite, you are thinking of other better food you would rather be eating. 

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Conni said...

I have the same problem! The old slow cooker was great, but oh no, I had to have the latest and greatest, and guess what - it isn't! So sorry to have wasted the money and given away the old slow cooker.