Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Autumn

Can you believe we have officially entered Fall?  This is my favorite season and I have been working hard around the house to get it fall ready (decorations and such).  In honor of the begining of a new, hopefully cooler season, I decided to make comfort food with a twist.  Tonight's dinner was South of the Border Meatloaf from (you guessed it) Pampered Chef Seasons Best for this Fall/Winter.  Here's the review:

Wonderful flavor!  Love the idea of mixing the rub in with the ketchup to make (say it with me)... flavored ketchup.  I modified this a little bit to add more spice by putting half a serrano pepper into the mix.  Awards go to the PC covered baker for making this dish something easy for a weeknight.  A little story to let you know how my day went: I fell asleep while sitting down watching tv at 4:30 PM and Drew woke me up at 7:00 PM, yes 7:00.  I felt like I had been drugged (we think I had an allergic reaction to something I was working with today).  So I slowly extracted myself from the couch (with much effort) and got to the kitchen to make dinner.  It took around 35 minutes from the time I got in the kitchen until dinner was on the table.  I paired this meatloaf with seasoned steamed zucchini.  One note for this recipe, I don't know what I did to make it not stick together enough, but the meatloaf was definitely missing its LOAFNESS (new word for the day).  It ended up being really crumbly - still tasty, but crumbly.  HELP!  Do my readers have any tips for the perfect meatloaf?  Post a comment, I am always looking for new tips!

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cookingwithBecky said...

Here is a tip from the Pampered Chef... The egg in the meat loaf is the glue that is supposed to hold it together. This meat loaf is a little unique because 1. it uses tortilla chips (instead of bread crumbs) and 2. it cooks in the micrwave isntead of the oven. So here is the advise of the "chef" (it is a humble title trust me). Make sure the chips are finely crushed (as instructed)and that you work and mold your meatloaf. I don't know about you but I have always heard that you should be careful not to "overwork" your meatloaf. This meatloaf needs a bit more mixing and molding. Don't be shy. Pack it to into a loaf.
The truth is I would eat this meatloaf in whatever state it may have ended up. SOOO yummy. If only we had enough left to try the classic next day meatloaf sandwich. But alas, we at it all before the tupperware was ever broken out.

Glad you enjoyed it! Becky
"Pampered Chef - not perfect chef!"