Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Shrimp Salad

Continuing the Mexican theme for this week, I found a great recipe for a Shrimp Taco Salad out of the current issue of Cooking Light. 
Let me just begin by saying this was a fabulous salad.  I am surprised it was so light in calories.  I am not sure if it is still light in calories when you take seconds, but I don't think the food scientists at Cooking Light take that into consideration. 
The salad is pretty simple.  It starts with a dressing made with lime, cumin, chipotle, and (oddly enough) maple syrup.   I did a little modificaiton on this one because I didn't have any chipotle hot sauce (haven't seen that in the store before, will have to check on that), I used some Knorr chipotle seasoning and a little Tobasco.  Drew must have liked the combination because he commented on the spice of the dish. While getting the corn going on the George Foreman, I got the shrimp skewered and put in on the grill.  After adding the rest of the ingredients (beans, avocado, cilantro, I added red onions, and lettuce) to the deskewered, cooked shrimp and the decobbed (new word, I think) corn, and tossing; it is ready to go! 
It turned out beautifully and I will definitely add this one to my list of summer salads because it did not heat up the house at all!  As stated above, we did have seconds and didn't feel guilty or ashamed.  Thanks Cooking Light!

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