Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advent Event: 10 Days

So, we are in the homestretch for the Advent Calendar Event and I have to say I have really enjoyed doing this.  I have enjoyed the few comments I have gotten and have appreciated the feedback! 

Today's Advent Calendar treat is a little something special:  A GIVEAWAY!!! 

I want to really treat my readers (instead of just having cyber treats each day), so I am giving away a $20 e-giftcard to Williams Sonoma!!!  Oh, how fun!  And the neat thing is Williams Sonoma will also send a $5 gift to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.  Yea!

I love a great giveaway, but every great giveaway has some rules.  Here they are:

1.  Go to the other Advent Event posts and find your favorite, then come back to this post and tell me your favorite one.   You must identify yourself in order for me to contact you later, should you win.  The best thing to do is to write your email address like this:  name at (that way you won't get crazy amounts of spam from someone trolling the net, just something from me stating you won!).

2.  Tell your friends on facebook about the giveaway, and earn an extra entry (just come back to this post and tell me about it).  You can do that by posting a link to this page like this one:

3.  Wait until the day after Christmas, when I will announce the winner!

Here's a little bit of help in finding the posts: click on the tag at the bottom of this post that says "advent event" (next to Labels) and it will take you to all off them at once. 

Disclaimer: Williams Sonoma is not providing the prize for this giveaway.


Jenny said...

Is it wrong to not have just one favorite? Honestly, you remind me soooo much of Tara, its like reading something she has written. Yes, Tara would love all the cookbooks on 12 Days, she is crazy about olives like you on 13 Days (olives do remind me of Christmas too only because I tried one once at my grandma and grandpas after the holiday meal and I nearly threw up...sadly I still don't like them) and lastly, 21 Days reminded me of the velcro and wooden fruit Tara and I enjoyed cutting up at Things Remembered years ago on our trips to the mall. Boy do I sound strange...guess its good I will see Tara in just about two days.

Jenny said...

ps. shared on my facebook, "don't do it." The Elsner girls missed out on the mystery hostess party this year. We must win something. :)

Lindsey Allen said...

I liked them all but especially Day 18 with the peppermint bark.MMMM