Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Advent Event: 13 Days

I have many a food obsession.  And they change periodically.  But some are time-tested, full-on passions for specific food items.  One of them is olives.  I can't tell you exactly when I fell in love with the olive, but I can tell you what took the relationship to the next level: the relish tray at holiday gatherings.

Every year, a few times a year, my mom would make what she called a relish tray for special occasions.  It had cute little pickles, green olives stuffed with pimentos, black olives, and other stuff.  I never got to the "other stuff" because my brain stopped working after my eyes met olives.  My mom noticed my love for olives and has indulged it throughout my life.  Then, I met my husband.  And guess what?  He was a pickle enthusiast!  So my mom renewed the indulgent relish tray and took it to the next level.  Now literally EVERY time we go over for dinner, there at the end of the table where my hubby sits a small relish tray with pickles (of at least two different sorts).  Sometimes, she even puts out olives for me (oh, how things have changed!). 
So there is something about olives that make me think of the holidays.  And I was pleased to discover that Lindsay Olives is doing something special this year during the holidays for olive lovers and people in need.

They are doing one of my favorite things: a BOGO, with a twist. 

When you buy a can of Lindsay olives and put the UPC code in on their website, they will donate a can of olives to a local food bank!  I love it!  No one should be without olives for Christmas - am I right? 

They are giving up to 25,000 cans of olives and I am going to go get a couple of cans and participate today.  It's for charity.  Pay no attention to the woman with the open can of olives (no utensil, just fingers).

Merry Olive, y'all! Olive Juice.

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June Dees said...

really enjoyed reading about the olives,moms do special things for all their loved ones. (will try to remember your olives next time we have dinner,along with Drews pickels.)