Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tos-tatas (thank you, Jim Gaffigan)

Tonight's dinner was pretty straitforward, which is always helpful.  I was so happy to have most of what was necessary to make it in my pantry.  After a quick trip to two grocery stores today, a came home and got started on this fast dinner. 
On tap for tonight: PC 29 Minutes to Dinner 2, Beef Picadillo Tostadas.  I learn a lot in the kitchen and tonight I learned not to mess with what you know to be good.  Don't get me wrong this recipe, for the most part, is really good and flavorful.  But I have discovered that what you enjoy on your tostata/taco today is what you will always enjoy on your tostada/taco.  It is like hot dogs - -I have been eating these with the same toppings since I was a young one - this is something that never will (nor ever should change).  Tonight, I learned the corollary to the hot dog Law is the aforementioned tostada principle.  That said, I learned this through putting exactly (well almost) what PC told me to put on my tostada.  I say almost because I don't know who in their right mind (or in this house) would put raisins in ANYTHING!  So those weren't even on the shopping list.  Additional toppings I will not put on a tostada in the future: tomatoes (not that they made the cut this time), lettuce, and black olives (as much as it pains me to say so).  Acceptable toppings will forever and always be: cheese (any kind - ok, not parmesan), guacamole/avocado, onion, and cilantro.  The thing I would change about this recipe beside the optional toppings is one of the steps/less of an ingredient.  I would either make sure the ground beef, once browned, is extremely well drained or I would use less salsa.  The mixture, even though I strained it before putting it on the tostada shells, was VERY wet. 

On another note, I have decided to try to include pictures of the actual food for your enjoyment.  This is the result of reading my first two food blogs composed by writers far beyond my literary ability.  Though I cannot strive to write in any other way than you have already experienced (i.e. parenthetical), I can treat you to pictures.  Enjoy!

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freesparrow said...

I was going to ask for pictures! Hooray!