Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's official, I am allergic to corn

While I was in college, I went to a doctor (one of those voodoo-type doctors) who diagnosed me (through a really interesting process) with allergies to the following food items: gluten, corn, and chocolate.  After a small amount of time trying to eat in the cafeteria on these diet restrictions, I abandoned them and ate anything I pleased.  Fast forward to the last couple of weeks and something tells me maybe there is something in the voodoo doctor's method.   On the menu tonight was PC 29 Minutes to Dinner 2 Corn & Poblano Chowder.  Let me say this, first...I am OBSESSED with popcorn.  It is the closest thing I have to a controlled substance.  I am like a druggie around it...I love the smell, I can taste it just thinking about it, and it is never as good as it was the first time (just kidding about that last one).   That said, tonight made me rethink this corn thing in general. 

The recipe itself was pretty simple, though I must say PC, "I think 29 minutes does not mean what you think it means."  (all references aside) I have had a difficult time doing these meals in the time promised lately.  I am slightly lethargic and make mistakes just like the rest of the world, but 27 minutes for tonight's dinner?  I think not.  Cool idea of putting the corn cobs in the milk/broth mixture - definitely added to the flavor of the dish.  I also have come up with a tip for cutting corn off the cob (see below).  I really enjoyed the poblano flavor and the fresh corn (nothing like fresh corn).  All in alll a good effort PC.
The problem at hand is the EXTREME fatigue that came over me almost immediately after dinner was finished.  I could barely think and barely complete a sentence.  I thought I could have laid down and slept right there.  For me this means only one thing (ok two things, but you get my point): ALLERGY.  I think I am going to lay off the corn for a little while and see what happens.  But I am not looking forward to the DTs on the popcorn.

TIP of the DAY:
When cutting corn off the cob (uncooked), place the cob upright (90 degrees) on a large cutting board.  Turn the cob to a 45 degree angle and cut away from you.  This may not make any sense at all.  Let me know.  This really helped abate the problem of stray corn kernals found a few feet away from the cutting board.

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