Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Short, unexpected break from blogging done.  Moving on to new recipes and new days.  Let's see...what have you missed?  I have a small problem this time of year (it does happen every year, but somehow it seems to smack me up side the head with shock each time)...I call it hibernation.  My body, literally shuts down into this sleep that is as close to death as possible.  I am sure my heart almost stops, I awake feeling drugged (a la roofies - is that the way you spell it? - although I have never taken them) and barely able to function for a good long while.  My parents, as well, are shocked and appalled by this every year, Drew has never not known this of me, so it does not bother him (more time on the computer for him); but I have come to discover it is allergies.  So, taking claritin everyday is the solution (sort of) as well as lots of rest.  I haven't had a nap today because I was busy with Bible study and bargain hunting (these are separate activities, mind you).   There is a sort of high that comes with shopping and spending a ridiculously small amount of money for what you get (this must be the reason I am still functional at this hour). 
As for our dinners the last couple of days, we have been on survival mode for the most part.  We had frito chili pies one night (it doesn't get much easier than that but Drew likes them) and grilled cheese and soup another night.  But I did try a new recipe yesterday, from PC 29 Minutes to Dinner 2: Chile Relleno Strata.  This is one of the few meals in either of the 29 Minutes incarnations that does not meet the time requirement (at least in my kitchen).  It took a good 35 to 40 minutes (did I mention I am having trouble functioning while awake?).  I really liked the flavor of the dish (chorizo is a happy food for Drew - he has a favorite breakfast with chorizo at a little spot in La Jolla).  I threw in some serrano peppers because of my husband's love for spice (mentioned here: http://thereliquiarium.blogspot.com/2009/09/burn-or-how-i-learned-to-love-heat.html).  The one negative thing I would say about the dish is it is a little bready (yes that is a word in my world).  Drew described this same thing as "heavy."  I think this problem could be solved by swapping out the bread to a lighter bread, say brioche (maybe its just me, but I think the angels in heaven feast on brioche when they are hungry - not that they are hungry - should I just say brioche is divine?) . 
On a scheduling note, check in tomorrow night to find out how I plan my menus for the month.  It is by no means a science, but I have a little practice and trial and error is my forte!

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