Monday, August 31, 2009


I hesitate to enter into the blog realm for a number of reasons.  We won't go into those now because I fear it would lead to even lower readership (is that possible?).  But what gets me interested in writing this blog is my love of memories from the kitchen. 
I have a kind of bizzare, extremely focused memory.  It serves as an inventory of the past in a very vivid way for me.  My memories can be catagorized by two things:  1.)  What music was playing at the time and 2.) What we had to eat.  Strange I know! 
So I got to looking for a picture of me that is acceptable enough to post on this blog  (obviously, have not found one yet) and this commenced a walk down memory lane through pictures Drew has saved (on the computer) since before we were married.  I came across pictures of our Rehearsal Dinner, our first Thanksgiving, past Christmas dinners, etc.  Memories came flooding back and I realized - my life (and more specifically my married life) can be summed up by what we ate and when.  Here are some of the favorites:

1.  The first dinner we had together in our home (Drew made steaks, I made my Granny's macaroni and cheese, I think we had some asparagus to go with).
2. Our first dinner party (Chicken Fried Steak with all the fixings).
3. Christmas dinner one year (Crown Roast of Pork - insanely good, Cornish Game Hens with Southwest Dressing, all the side dishes)
4. Oysters (our favorite Cali restaurant)
5. Margaritas and Guacamole and chips (guess who ate what!)
6. Z Tejas - Texas-on-a-plate enchiladas!!!
7.  Anything at Mamaw's house
8.  Lettuce Wraps with Beef and Chicken (the only meal made 4 times in our married life! - and the one that received the best compliment from Drew )

As we approach the 5 year mark in our marriage, I realize my memory will not always be so sharp.  At the risk of sounding to mission statementy (new word, Drew), this blog will seek to catalog and critique our dining experiences from this point forward.  So with fear and very low expectations, here's to future memories in the kitchen.


Conni said...

Since I was there for the crown pork roast, I must say, OH MY STARS, what a meal!!!! And what joy to share time, food, and fun with family. Your love for cooking has made you a target in the family, as we always say, "do you think we can have (fill in the blank on the occasion) at Leah and Drews?

freesparrow said...

I am officially following you now. We made a new recipe last night- Spencer did actually since I am working late all week- Pork Chops! It was so good! Aren't you proud of us for not making tacos, salmon, or calzone? (We did have calzone with Morgan the night before!)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was fearful of no one actually wanting to read what we wanted to share and taking the leap to starting a blog!
Not only do your recipes look great but I can sense the passion in which you write about them. I can't wait to try them, thanks!