Thursday, September 3, 2009

Caliente PC on a roll! that's more like it!  Tonight's dinner: Mexican Sausage Skillet from the Pampered Chef 29 Minutes to Dinner 2 Cookbook.  Here's the review:
SPICY!  Very flavorful and filling.  Great ingredient list which can be modified to suit your tastes (considering chicken and diced zucchini, possible seasoning change).  Did I mention spicy?  I love it when Drew only gets up to get salt, not hot salt, not cajun season, just salt - it makes me feel I have done my job for the night! Doubled very nicely and made A LOT of food.  Will have leftovers - trying to figure out how to change it up a little bit - or I could pass it on to mom and dad (he really enjoys spicy food).

But here is the deal on tonight: we had Morgan and Ken and Conni over for dinner.  It is the 2nd week of a "tradition" I am trying to start to challenge my hostess skills and spend more time with the people I love on a regular basis.  I am trying to have someone (anyone) over to dine with the Hudsons on a weekly basis.  I think we can do it!  Haven't mentioned this to Drew yet, but I am sure his hosting skills are up for the challenge.  Besides, when everyone leaves, we can play Guitar Hero (I promise).  So, here's the official invite...get your reservations now and come ready to try a new recipe.

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Conni said...

Could we just have a monthly reservation, please? Mom and Dad (the Hudson ones)

Though spicy, the meal was delicious! I ate more than I ever eat - plus an extra dessert. So, the recipes are definite keepers. And it was fun to watch a quite unusual cooking show. A great evening with the Hudsons.