Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I had only hoped this would happen

My sincerest apologies for the previous post regarding my latest Pampered Chef recipe - it wasn't exactly a scathing indictment of the entire company, but somewhere I picture a sad, fat little man in a chef's apron and hat. 
I just completed the post and then I went to my email and got my September Tasty Tidbits from my friend Becky (who happens to be my Pampered Chef consultant extraordinaire) and I am FAMOUS!!!  Well, at least in my head.  I had a party last month (had a great time and ate great food, with great friends old and new) and I am the host of the month!!! When we had the party I was wondering if it would happen and it did.  I lieu of an acceptance speech, I will give a hearty recommendation for all things Pampered Chef and give you Becky's website: www.pamperedchef.biz/cookingwithbecky
Soon I will have a picture of the pans that I got at 60% off  for hosting the party!

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