Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Out to Dinner, Deals for you

I will not be cooking tonight because we are going out with some of our great friends to celebrate a birthday!  Yea! - we feel so special when they ask us to celebrate life's occassions with them. 

Since I will not be cooking this evening, I thought I would share something a little different with you - Bargains.  I do have a lot of friends who wonder how I do it...SO, every once in a while, I will share my latest deals and bargains and discuss how they happened. 
So Monday and Tuesday I went to the mall.  I know it is kind of ridiculous to go twice in one week, but there was a reason: Victoria's Secret. 
I have signed up to get email from Victoria's Secret and they send me offers all the time for free underwear, etc. They also have a program called Pink Nation (you sign up and receive coupons for free products every other month or so).  So on Monday I had a coupon for a free pair of underwear with purchase and another coupon for a free PINK travel kit with any PINK purchase.  I went in and got a couple of small items (great for stocking stuffers - another one of my obsessions) and got my free stuff.  Amount spent: $18.00.  Product purchased: a purfume thing ($8), a body scrub ($10), underwear ($14), travel kit ($25)  Total savings 39!  Pretty exciting, huh! 
So, then I get home the other day and find out they have a promotion for Facebook fans.  All you have to do is become a Facebook fan and then they give you a coupon for 2 pairs of FREE underwear with purchase.  The catch was that I had to go on Sept. 1st only.  So I went back to Victoria's Secret to get another purfume thing ($8) and 2 pair of underwear ($17).  So I saved another $17.00.  Not bad!  By the way, does anyone know how to un-become a fan on Facebook?  I do not want any more VS updates on my homepage (nor the half naked woman on my profile page).
Is this getting too long?  Because I have another deal to share with you (hang in there, this one is good!).  I have a gift card to American Eagle that I earned by answering surveys on this website (  It was for $25.00 and those who know me know I am way cheap when it comes to clothing.  So I have had this giftcard for about 4 months and haven't been able to use it.  Yesterday, I decided to check AE out and found they were having a sale on jeans and t-shirts (Buy One get one 50% off) which you could mix-and-match and included clearance items.  So I tried on a pair of clearance jeans and found a t-shirt that I LOVE!  I will spare the details on pricing, but all told, after giftcard, I got both for $15.50.  NOT BAD.  Gotta love free giftcards for answering surveys.

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